Battle of the Bulge, the Journey Begins.

January 20, 2010 15:13 by Angela

Healthy living is a life-long journey of emotional, physical and mental highs and lows. .  “Unemployed, broke, depressed, and basically broken down on my luck. Those days, all I did was surf the net and waste a lot of valuable time doing nothing.” This is the beginning of Mike Jarrell’s amazing fitness journey (

He describes the challenges that he faced not only in the gym but in his life. His story really hit home for me as he explains how he stayed focus despite everything that was working to distract him.  It was his determination and life changing decisions that turned everything around for him.  He did not let anything or anyone keep him from reaching his aspiration. In fact, people came into his life providing him the network and support that he needed to get where he is today.  “I give the gym and my workout routines credit for my change in life. I did work again. I went back to school and right now have a year left. I am going for sports management, and hope to one day own my own personal training gym or work with student athletes. I am currently a certified personal trainer and I enjoy helping others. I am also purchasing my first home and I have a good job. I am so much more now than I ever dreamed of being. I am a better person, and I believe the gym, GOD, and my family and friends have helped me along the way.”


When I first read this story, I could not wait to post it on the site.  I really believe that it is an encouraging testimony that all things are possible regardless of the circumstances surrounding you.  You just need confidence, patience and most importantly, faith.  

Please share your comments on our blog.  If you have a fitness story, please email it with picture(s) (before and/or after weight loss). In your story, we would like to know how much weight you lost, what changes did you make in your diet and exercise programs; and what inspired you to stay focus and avoid those road blocks. You can submit that information at our contact us

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